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Current Ticket Holders
#1 - Tykie 2
#2 - Lex 1

Global Contest Giveaway
1-This giveaway is designed for the active viewers.
The first 10 viewers to guess a number from 0-9, and have their corresponding chosen number to the last number of the global ped value (if there is one) you win 10%, example: 100 global ped value = 10 ped.
2-There is a JACKPOT Feature and here's how it works:

If you choose a repeating number, then you win the 10% + entropia partner peds available on host's personal entropia partner's account.

Daily Mini Event
1-Daily Mini event will happen at designated times listed in our calendar.
2-The Mini Event can be anything (Examples: berycled nest, sabakuma pit, or made up on the fly)

3-Each Mini Event will only reward 1 raffle ticket to the participant who wins it.
4-The host can buy sweat at 2 ped per 1000 units and up to 5000 units per Mini event (per day).
5-Every participant uses same gun, no armor, participants can keep their received weapons.
6-The objective is to global solo and the highest global becomes the victor for that round of Mini Event.
7-The raffle will be held Friday at 11:00 pm for the unlimited armor ankitus.
8-If the participant who won the raffle ticket and can't attend the draw on friday they can still win the armor but they can't have a shot at the ghost.
9-Raffle Ticket Winners can not participate in the following week raffle giveaway for the same armor.
10-There is a random consolation prize for raffle ticket holders who do not win the armor.

Current Ticket Winners
#1 - CMDR - Ankitus UL Armor Set

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